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International Certificate of Traditional Feng Shui Consultant


Dear seeking friends,

I would like to offer you the possibility to study Traditional Feng Shui of Joey Jap from Malaysia. You will be able to do the projects of family houses according to Traditional Feng Shui in harmony with nature and with the people living in the house. You will manage to do it in a same way as the architect without the Feng Shui interior design supplements. At first you will build up the house and the walls appropriately according to Traditional Feng Shui and it’s up to you if you want to fill in the house with the additional Feng Shui supplements. We will study both New Age Feng Shui (applying supplements in a wide range) and also Traditional Feng Shui (based on architecture).

The focus will be given on the Traditional Feng Shui according to Joey Jap from Malaysia whose proverb is: “Let’s go to build the house from the start in a way that there is no need to heel the house afterwards because not everything can be healed. There are houses that can not be healed. They can be even new ones, newly built, but without the Feng Shui consultant. You do not want to spend a lot of money on a new house and than find out that instead of happiness, you are going to be divorced.

Except the Feng Shui, we will study colors and use them in cases where technical changes in the house can not be applied. We will study how colors can be used to heal our house and even our body through the acupuncture, meridians cleansing and traditional Chinese medicine applying. Last but not the least, we will deepen our sensibility and healing abilities by the prolonged stays at the energetic placed of the planet with the qi-qong and kundalini yoga exercising.

The course is for all who are opened to explore the secrets between the Earth and the Heaven.

To each seminar there are fully-colored textbooks in English. The study is finished by the certificate. The studying is very practical, it connects the deep theoretical knowledge with the practical life. It leads you step by step to be able to use your knowledge in practical life, even after the first year of the study.

Seminars are possible to hold in your spiritual centre over the summer, for more information, please, contact: monika@aurasomaafengshui.eu

Practical workshop and Qi Gong for free

Pay the first level at once and receive the practical workshop and Qi Gong excercises for free! Value of the bonus 200 EURO!

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