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Advanced Certificate of Traditional Feng Shui Consultant

Level 2

With the BaZi (4 pillars of Chinese metaphysics) we do the diagnosis of the people as close as the doctor does and even more. We analyse our state of health, career and financial potential, and also the potential to meet the right partner. Afterwards we use these information to change the environment where we live according to Feng Shui and fulfil the energies that we miss. These information can be used by Feng Shui consultants and couches of personal development, but also by the personal agencies while looking for the right people. In the second part we will enhance the knowledge of BaZhai and Flying star method. Finally, we will finish the year by the Archetypal psychology used in the area of PR and marketing to be able to create your own successful Feng Shui business. 

1. Tarot according to C.G. Jung – Major Arcana – Tarot of Saint Grail

(Tarot is the comprehensive western occult psychological and philosophical system. Main 22 cards of Major Arcana introduce in Archetypal symbols the Life’s journey. Journey, which C. G. Jung called the process of Individuation. Tarot is the mirror of our souls and opens the path of our souls to our real Self. It is a tool to develop our personality. Symbolism is the language of our subconsciousness, using tarot cards stimulates our intuition and activates of right brain hemisphere. We can use individual cars as a tool for meditation and visualisation.)

2. Tarot according to  C.G. Jung – Minor Arcana – Tarot of Saint Grail

(We will continue with Minor Arcana. We will have a look at the different tarot systems: general Weider Tarot, Aura-Soma Tarot and we will not miss the Tarot of Saint Grail and the Knights Templar.) 

3. BaZi 1 – 4 pillars of Chinese astrology – basic techniques

(The principles of fate and happiness in Chinese metaphysics. Three levels of happiness. 10 heavenly stems and 12 earthly branches. Incarnation of the spirit to the physical form. Definition of the strength of the birth ruler. Methodology, analyses and the interpretation. Projection of the BaZi to the human’s life. Deeper understanding of the context of the human life. Analyses of business and personal life. Many examples of well-known people: Why Dan Brown written The Da Vinci Code at a certain time? Why Arnold Schwarzenegger was successful in the area of body-building? What was the fate of Lady Diana? Why Jaromír Jágr was the one of the best world ice-hockey players? Why Donald Trump divorced his wife?, etc.)

4. BaZi 2 – 4 pillars of Chinese astrology – advanced techniques 

(We will go more deeper to the BaZi chart. We will analyse the hidden branches as: . Direct a Indirect Wealth. Direct Officer and Seven Killings profile, Direct and Indirect Resource, Friend and Rob Wealth, Hurting Officer and Eating God. We will know who we are, what is our character, what are our weak and strong aspects, when we will go through partner’s crises, when we are ready for financial change or when a possible partner is coming.)

5. BaZhai 2

(We will deepen our knowledge of BaZhai. Deeper analyses of 64 hexagrams. Strategy and techniques of effective control of bad influences. Analyses of BaZhai stars and trigrams. Interaction of BaZhai and the Flying star.)

6. Flying star 2

(We will deepen our knowledge of Flying stars. We will study all combination of Flying stars. According to advanced methods we will foresee what kind of events in the areas of health, money and partnership are going to happen in certain houses. We will eliminate its influence by right Feng Shui.)

7. BaZi 3 – partner’s compactibility

(We will look at partner’s compatibility from the point of BaZi. We will analyse the BaZi charts of well-known people. We will look e.g. on Pamela Anderson and men in her life, Lucie Borhyová and her unsuccessful relationship, Lucie Bílá and so on. We will see what kind of partner would be the best for us and why and in which time it could come…)

8. Archetypal psychology in PR and marketing – bonus. Practical seminar – projects.

(Can we use all of these spiritual things in PR and marketing and built up spiritually strong brand? How is all connected and related to each other, we will see at the last seminar of the second year.)