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Master Certificate of Traditional Feng Shui Consultant

Level 3

In the third year we will deepen our knowledge of colour therapy with the courses of Cabala and Astrology. We will go deeply into our psychic and we will find out how it influences our health and partnerships. We will answer the question what are the spiritual reasons for certain illnesses. We will all connect to Feng Shui. We will prescribe the food according to 5 elements of Traditional Chinese medicine. The second part of the year will be focused on the exterior techniques of Feng Shui called San He. It is the treasure of old tradition. It is the system with which the old masters where working with. And the last element in the third year will be advanced time techniques ZeRi, because without appropriate time we can not do the adequate change. We can do right change, but when it is done in a bad time, the change will go against us. All the well-known people did that like that, e.g. Charles the IV. – he laid down the foundational stone of the Charles Bridge at 5:30 in the morning. Why did he do so? Why did not have breakfast first and then he went to lay the foundational stone? All will be finished with practical seminar in Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. 

1. Cabala

(Cabala can help us to understand the inner personal characteristics or psychics and its influence on our ability to do independent decisions. Even if we are living in the competitive world, we face the social and family pressures, mortgages, politics and global ignorance, or we live our life from day to day, cabala can become our guide to the more contented life, it can help us to understand the true essence of life around us and help us to find the contact with our guides. It can help us to see from the fog of illusions, and help us to see today’s life without judgement, but with bigger compassion. Cabala is a key how to understand the functioning of Universe. It is the way to understand the form of life.)

2. Astrology

(Hippokrates, author of oath, which doctors take until these days, says: the doctor without astronomical knowledge do not have a right to consider himself to be a doctor. We will go into details of different planets and their influence on our life, because Feng Shui is closely connected to the influence of the planets and space objects on our life. The planets and the space objects caused formation of mountains and rivers on the Earth. And then the mountains and the rivers had the influence on our life. Who would not know the influence of the Moon on the high and low tide of the seas?)

3. Alchemy of food. Eating according to  BaZi and TCM

(Each meal is a substance, which has its qualities and abilities to influence our body. The way how we cook the meal has the possibility to change the quality of its energy. Alchemy of food is about the right techniques how to change and vitalise the energy of food in a way to become the medicine. You will be taught how to combine the food and how to make with food the elixir of your life. You will find the right food for each person according his constitution and BaZi chart. You will see how to use the food to prevent the illnesses and how to support self-regulation abilities of your body.)

4. SAN HE 1 – advanced exterior techniques

(Technique of San He are the treasure of old tradition. They help us to describe as the shape, location and orientation of elements in the exterior have influence on the interior. Due to high effectivity, they are strictly guarded by the old masters. They were usually passed from Master to the student. They are for professional users. Part of the course is also taught highly secret techniques of Wu Gui Yun Cai. Many masters take it as the most powerful technique of water San He.)

5. SAN HE 2 – master exterior techniques

(At the first part of San He we talked about water techniques, part two will be sacred to the power of mountains. We will analyse mountain dragoons and we will study how to use and activate mountain qi.)

6. ZeRi 1 – advanced time techniques

(In Traditional Feng Shui, there is very important rule: If we are able to find the meridian spot (Long Xue), for its effective usage, it’s important to activate it in a right way. For activation, there where used two ways: good orientation (Xiang Xing) and a good time (ZeRi). If we do know where to do the change in our house, there is the most important to find the right time when to do it, it help us to get the maximum results. When we do the change, but in a bad time, the results will be different and will not come in a way we expected. The knowledge of timing is crucial for practicing the right Feng Shui.)

7. ZeRi 2 – master time techniques

(We will deepen the knowledge of timing. We will study when to activate reconstruction of the house, the building up a new house, installing water elements, moving into a new house, when is a good time for wedding, for signing important contracts, when to start your diet, etc.)

8. Sacral architecture and sacred geometry

(Fascinating trip to the history, architecture and culture of old nations and civilisations. Looking for a lost logos, hidden in the bodies of old temples. There are more than 500 pictures, symbols, geometry schemes that we will study. Atlantic code before the flood in sacral forms in architecture. First temples in Egypt, China, Tibet. Solomon temple in Jerusalem. Symbols of gothic cathedrals, cabalistic pattern, heavenly boat, triptych, sacred geometry of Mona Lisa, Vesica Pisces, Flower of life.