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Traditional Feng Shui prefers the situation, when is not needed to heal the house, because not every remedy works perfectly, and not everything is possible to heal.Traditional Feng Shui works with the respect to the law of the nature and with the consciousness of deep relationship between the person and the space that surrounds him. The art of Feng Shui Consultant is to connect the house in the right way to the exterior qi and the right opening of the house beneficial for all occupants of the house.

For the extensive analyses of exterior, we use advanced SAN HE methods, the treasures of Traditional Feng Shui. For the analyses of people living in the house we use advanced method fo BAZI and also the timing is very improtant, so for timing we use advanced method ZERI.

The house built according to Traditional Feng Shui methodes is the house which is sewn to people on their measure. There is no house which would have the same measures. It always the unique house, in unique environment with unique people living in. Such a house supports people on their life path, brings them new opportunities, rises their wealth and happiness.

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